Welcome to Restore E-Learning, which has been developed in partnership with Ivstitia Limited who brought you the award winning secure case management system myRJ. There are 10 modules available which cover all aspects of Restorative Approaches and can be completed individually or as a series. Our E-Learning modules have been created to support the development of your knowledge around Restorative Approaches. These modules complement our existing training courses, which include:

  • Foundation Training
  • Practitioner Training
  • Practitioner Accreditation

We are able to offer multiple licences for your organisation at a reduce rate.  For more information, please contact Tony Walker by emailing enquiries@restorativesolutions.org.uk To find out more about training services and how Restorative Solutions can support your organisation to resolve conflict, please visit the Training and Development section of our website.

What we cover:

  • Introduction to Restorative Approaches
  • Applications of Restorative Approaches
  • Theories and Notable Authors in Restorative Justice
  • Making Contact with Victims
  • Reflective Practice and Case Supervision for Practitioners
  • Impact of Crime and Harm
  • The Legal Context of Restorative Approaches
  • Making Letters of Apology or Explanation Restorative
  • An Introduction to Risk Assessment
  • The Use of Restorative Approaches and Police Complaints
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